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Why humans get frightened unnecessarily ? Know how to overcome it. Solution extracted from Panchatantra

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Why there is so much wealth inequality?

The world is witnessing more wealth inequality than at any time in history.

If billionaires decided a build a separate country for themselves, that country will in the top wealthiest countries.

How did the inequality trend change over the century?


Sending an Interactive e-mail for your business.

Writing business email is a very important step in growing your busin
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Steps to follow while preparing HTML e-mail

1. Prepare your mail format and content

Grab a sheet of paper and write what and all the things need in your mail. Sketch the position of the images that you need, hyperlinks, button,s etc.

2. Prepare HTML code for the above.

If you are not ok with preparing the HTML…

How to get a copy of HTML code using BEE Free for free

Here is the complete step by step guide to designing a business email using the BEE editor


Reasons to quit social media and improve your mental health.

Here is why you should stop using these apps

1. You feed “junk food” to your mind.

People using extensive social media apps
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Nithin AG

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